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How to Increase the Output of an Ad Agency by 10X?


This begins by getting rid of the old mindset that is costing you money and time. The old mindset and barriers in the markets have been significantly eliminated by quick technological advancements. For instance there had been many writers making them most of the self publishing after being rejected by numerous publishers. In this way, entire companies can be formed before even building the product. This is possible by crowdfunding. When it comes to ad agencies, they also have to consider and rethink on what is possible. They have to get rid of the old and keep experimenting with the new by the means of calculated risks to move forward. Have a look at these top 10 advertising agencies in Singapore who pay heed to this principle.

Have a look at how your competitors’ infrastructures work and 10x your outcome

Here, you may need to scale the talent, seek better and multiple clients, build new products and software to improve your services, but, not from scratch. You don’t need to have everything or wait for things to happen to get started. This is very easy for the marketers where they can use social, content and automation to 10x their reach and impact.