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Packaging 101: A Look At The Pros And Cons Of Corrugated Boxes!


Deciding a box for your valued product can be a tough call. Brands spend millions in defining and designing product packaging, and yet, these companies make mistakes that cost sales and profits. One of the big questions is the use of corrugated boxes. For the uninitiated, corrugated boxes are made of paperboard, with rows of air in between that protect products against damage during transit. Sellers who are engaged in corrugated boxes manufacturing swear by the advantages, but in this post, we take a look at the pros and cons without bias.

The advantages

One of the biggest advantages of corrugated boxes is storage. These boxes can be stored easily when not in use, and when there is a product inside, the material doesn’t add too much weight but doesn’t compromise on protection either. Among other reasons why many marketing experts and box manufacturers are recommending this option is recyclability. It is easy to recycle corrugated boxes, and in fact, most of the material used in manufacturing is eventually used. As far as design is concerned, corrugated boxes are extremely effective and useful for experimenting with graphics, color and design, and there is limitless scope for customization. Such boxes don’t tear easily, so the product is intact, even when the transit time is longer. Since recycled materials can be used for production, the cost of corrugated boxes is considerably lower.

It also doesn’t take considerable effort to find a manufacturer.

Things on the flip side

There is no denying that corrugated boxes are not as strong as cardboard boxes, and for selected product categories, this might not be the apt choice. Secondly, these boxes are not always weatherproof, especially from water and moisture. Most manufacturers also don’t recommend corrugated boxes for heavy items.

Aspects that matter

If your brand is not sure about using a corrugated box for a product, a wise idea is to contact a box manufacturer. This just comes in handy in evaluating the actual packaging needs and coming to a solution that works for the product and is also affordable to the brand. It is also necessary to understand the extent to which corrugated boxes can be customized or how the box can be designed for maximum protection, effect, and marketing.

You can check online for examples of corrugated boxes to know how some of the best brands have used the idea for their benefit.